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Note: This is still under construction. I haven't had time to take pictures of all the Bibles (I have over 50) plus they are not categorized yet. Any feedback is welcomed. Click on the images to open up a high resolution picture. Some of them are over 300Mb so that you can zoom in and read the details.

Reprint of the Gutenberg Bible (1968)

This is a very accurate facsimile edition of the Bible printed by Johannes Gutenberg in 1456. It was published in three volumes by Brussel & Brussel, N.Y. in 1968.

A copy was donated to the University of Victoria  by benefactors Dr. Bruce and Dorothy Brown. The Gutenberg Bible facsimile is available for viewing during regular library hours. You read about it here:

I also found out that the Preston Library (Virginia Military Institute) has a copy of it. Details:

First page of Genesis

First page of Apocalypse (or Revelation)

Latin Vulgate - Printed 1740

Detail showing up the divine name "Jehovah" as the Hebrew tetragrammaton

Genesis 1:1-4 - the creation account

Biblia Hebraica (Hebrew Bible) - 1692

I bought this Bible at an on line auction from an antique seller from Israel. It has notes in Latin but the text is in Hebrew and one interesting fact about this Bible is the use of God's name, Jehovah, in the Hebrew

Detail from one of the intro pages where you can see the date, 1692.

Another page with the date

List of the books in Hebrew and Latin

First page of Genesis

Part of Exodus Chapter 6 where God's name can be seen. See if you can find it!

Another section where God's name appear. This is from Psalm number 83

Same passage from Psalm 83 - the arrow points to God's name here.

Detail on the same verse

Pocket King James Version - 1794

Psalm 83:18 where the name Jehovah can be seen

Another occurrence in Exodus 6:3

The "Credit Card Bible"

This is an amazing piece. It has the entire Bible with 1562 pages all "printed" in one side of a credit card. You need a microscope (at least 100x) to be able to read the pages.

Ancient coin featuring the Divine Name "Jehovah" as the Hebrew tetragrammaton
Denmark - Year: 1644

I got this coin at an auction in 2002 where other coins were featured. This one immediately caught my attention because it has God's name on it.

The penny will give you an idea about the size of the coin

The Hebrew tetragrammaton

The Cottage Bible - 1847

This is a two volume Bible that has some very interesting footnotes

Here's one example from Exodus 6:3, where God is talking to Moses. Notice how He uses His name: JEHOVAH. The verse reads "And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them".

Below are pictures of the footnote for this section.

Continuation of the footnote in the next page

This Bible also has some interesting illustrations

Miniature Bibles

Charles and Diana - Wedding Bible - 1981

This was printed in England to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Di

The Microfilm Bible

Another Bible that requires a microscope it you really want to read it.

Bible on Records

Parallel Bible - 1884 - Authorized Version and Revised Version - side by side

This Bible also has some very interesting study information including tables, a Bible dictionary and lots of illustrations.

Dictionary entry about the God's name Jehovah

Dictionary entry about the word "Hell"

Illustration of the Ruins of Samaria